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About Us

Mount Seena English School, established in 2003 is administrated by a Board of trusties, chaired by Jb. MAMMUNNI MOULAVI.

The school is situated in a peaceful surrounding about 1km away from Pathiripala. Our educational philosophy is based on free thinking, co-operation self awareness, intellect, emotions, aesthetics sense & moral sensibilities of the child.

We offer State Board English Medium classes from I to X. Students for XI will be admitted in the Open Stream (Scole – Kerala) under Bio-Math, Computer Science, Commerce & Humanities is a co-educational residential cum day school. We provide activity based child centered education and strictly follow Govt. Orders in teaching as well as evaluation procedures.

To build an academic institution in dynamic equilibrium with its Unique, Social, Ecological, Moral and Economic outlook and to strive continuously for Excellence in Education.
“Create and sustain an environment of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it.”
  1. To emphasis teaching excellence including the development, practice and assessment of effective teaching methods.
  2. To prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership service and responsible citizenship.
  3. To foster scholarly activity that supports the mission of the school.
  4. To serve the needs of ethnically diverse students, students with disabilities and non-traditional school.
  1. Academic Excellence and Honesty
  2. Professional Teaching and Service.
  3. Scholarly Research and Professional Excellence.
  4. Individual and Collective Excellence of Students.
  5. Diversity, Morality, Equity and Social Justice.
  6. Educational Empowerment of Individuals across the Life Span
Courses Offered:
  1. X1 Bio-Math: Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry.
  2. X1 Computer Science : Computer science, Physics, Maths, Chemistry.
  3. X1 Commerce : Economics, Business studies, Accountancy with Computerised Accounting, Computer application.
  4. X1 Humanties : Economics, Sociology, Political Science, History.

Languages Preferred: Malayalam/Arabic/Hindi

Madrasa education is compulsory for Muslim Students.
Thahfeel classes are also provided.
Highlights of the school.
  1. Moral education (Madrasa) classes to mould students with good virtues.
  2. •Thahfeel classes are also provided from Vthstandard onwards.
  3. Digital class room to cop students with modern technical world.
  4. Residential facility with excellent hostel facilities.
  5. Orientation camp and classes to improve communication skills and leadership qualities.
  6. Bus facilities from around the region for day scholars
  7. Regular contact classes from government school facilities
  8. Dedicated and qualified faculty to help in the overall development of the student
  9. Arts competition , Sports and Games for the physical and mental upliftment of the students
  10. Midterm,Term,Revision and Model Examinations to improve academics
  11. Open house and Parents Meeting at regular intervals.
  12. Every academic year we conduct the examinations like : NTSE, LEAP, HIKMA, INSPIRO, Majlis Public Examinations, USS, Sugma Hindi Pareeksha, Malarvadi Competitive Examinations smoothly.
Facilities provided:
  1. Physics laboratory
  2. Chemistry laboratory
  3. Biology laboratory
  4. School store
  5. School canteen
  6. Masjid
  7. School bus
  8. Library
  9. Hostel for boys and girls.
Students’ Enrichment Project/Programmes:
  1. SPC (student police cadet)
  2. JRC ( Junior red cross)
  3. Bharat scouts and guides.
  4. Special training for army recruitment.
  5. PM foundation career information desk.
  6. Civil service coaching.
  7. Athletics academy.
Rules and Regulations:
  1. The school hours are from 8:40 am to 3:30 pm on normal working days.
  2. School uniform must be worn on all working days and at all school functions, students not wearing uniforms will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  3. Every student should endeavour to keep up the high reputation of the school by excelling in his/her conduct, good manners and deportment inside the school and outside.
  4. No jewellery should be worn by any student inside the campus. Girls should not apply nail polish or mehandi during school session.
Admission Procedure:
  1. Admission for all the classes will be confirmed based on the Admission / Entrance test.
  2. Application form is attached in the prospectus can be had from the school office on payment of Rs.200/.