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English School Madrassa

Mount Seena English School Madrasa is a systematic institution under Mount Seena English School at Pathiripala, Palakkad District. About 1450 students are studying in classes from class I to class IX. There are about 46 teachers. Madrasa education is being imparted for 1 hour every morning along with CBSE syllabus. The first 20 minutes Qur'an teaching and the remaining 40 minutes for other subjects (Fiqh, Tariq, Qur'anic Studies, Hadith Studies, Islamic Teaching, Arabic). Last year about 23 students secured the first 10 ranks, including the first rank in Madrassa Majlis Board Public Examination .Mount Seena English School Madrasa had the highest rank in the state-level public examination last year.

Curriculum (CBSE SYLLABUS )

  1. Primary Section (Classes l -lV)
    Subjects offered - English, Hindi, Malayalam, Arabic, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Moral Studies, General Knowledge, Art, Music, Spoken English & Physical Education.
  2. Middle Section - (Classes - Vl - Vlll)
    Subjects Offered - English, Hindi, Malayalam, Arabic,Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Moral Studies, General Knowledge, Art, Music & Physical Education.
  3. Secondary Section - (Classes lX&X)
    Subjects Offered - English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science & Physical Education.
  4. Senior Secondary (ClassesXl& Xll)
    1. Science Stream
      1.Bio- Maths - English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics &Biology
      2.Bio- Language - English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology &Language (Arabic /Malayalam /Hindi)
      3.Computer Science - English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science.
    2. Commerce Stream
      English, Business Studies, Accountancy, IP & Optional(Economics /Malayalam /Arabic /Hindi)
    3. Humanities Stream
      English, Economics, History, Political Science &Language(Arabic/Malayalam / Hindi)


All Children have an innate sense of wonder& curiosity - Mount Seena Montessori encourages and expands upon that. Our Montessori education helps each child to foster independence, encourages empathy& a joy in lifelong learning.

Special features :
  1. Each child is valued as a unique individual.
  2. Children will be part of a close caring community.
  3. Enjoy freedom
  4. Support children in becoming active seekers of knowledge.
  5. Self correction& Self assessment are an integrated part of our approach.
  6. We support their Social- emotional skills.

'For parents it will be an amazing feeling to see your ward go off to school everyday smiling & happy and knowing that they are doing what they love.'